Sunday, 20 September 2015

Our new family member

A little while ago we got a new member in the family. She's a 1970 Honda CL100 (all our vehicles have genders and names, that's perfectly normal right?)

I'm still not quite sure how I got talked into getting a new bike, especially with a new baby in the house. I guess we've got to keep the human-to-bike ratio consistent??

I think it helped that it's all for a good cause, the Scrapheap adventure ride. The challenge is to buy a bike for under a $1000, make it 'rideable' and meet up with a bunch of other riders from around the country to raise money for people with down syndrome. 

The CL 100 definitely met the criteria. It had been neglected for a long time and wasn't running when we found her, but with a bit of work is going pretty well now. As you'll see below, she's a well traveled bike and has even spent some time in PNG.

Classic honda motorcycle    Classic honda

Classic Honda motorcycle

And finally, just to give you a sense of scale, here's one of Rupert moving her into place. Just a little thing but a blast to ride - especially if you avoid the highways.

Honda classic motorcycle

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