Sunday, 16 August 2015

I got some good news this week, then did something pretty stupid

I found out that my photo of the camels on Cable Beach was going to be included in a new series that 'The Wandering Lens' photographer Lisa Michele Burns was running on her website. Not only that, but my photo was going to be the feature image for the first post. Yep, I'm just a little bit excited!

The is one of my favourite photos and I'm planning to get it printed BIG. I just need to convince Rupert to build me a frame for it. In case you missed it in the earlier post on Kimberley beaches, here it is.
Cable Beach sunset

Check out the other images in the post over here on the Wandering Lens website.

So, after getting this news, it was looking like it was going to be a really good week.

Then I accidentally deleted my hard drive.

Yep. Not my smartest move.

Those of you who know me well probably won't be surprised because I do tend to do silly/dumb things every so often. I'm not allowed to use super glue at home because I always end up gluing things together that I didn't mean to (mostly my fingers). This was definitely one of those moments.

I  meant to erase the contents of a USB drive. Turns out the drive didn't plug in properly and I actually deleted things from my main storage drive. It didn't click that I was waving good bye to all my files because I had it in my head that I had previously used the USB stick as as a back up so it didn't matter if I cleared it.

The fact that 500GB wouldn't come anywhere close to fitting on an 8GB USB drive didn't register to me either. I tried to undo the delete but it didn't work (things were permanently deleted as the files were too big for the recycle bin).

Photos, documents, you name it, it was gone.

Cue 5 minutes of complete dread.

Then I remembered I have a back up system running. It backs up onto another hard drive and also online. This meant I could restore the previous version and fingers crossed, my brain explosion wouldn't cause any permanent damage. Big relief!

Then I had another whoppsie moment when I started the restore from the online version not the version on my spare hard drive. This means it all has to be downloaded back to my computer. Which has taken 4 days (so far) and will probably use up all our Internet data for the month (and we're only in the first week of our billing cycle).

I'm grateful that I'm getting the files back but kicking myself for the whole thing.

If you're interested, I manage my backups with CrashPlan. I have been using the service for a while and have no affiliation with them apart from being glad they are helping me overcome my stupidity.

I promise to take more care in the future!

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