Sunday, 5 July 2015

Gorges and waterfalls in an ancient landscape (Kimberley road trip - part 2)

We saw some pretty spectacular sights in the Kimberley. There's something about the landscape that just feels ancient. Here are some of my favourite gorges and some images of the beautiful Mitchell Falls.
I can't believe that we constantly had these places to ourselves. For anyone else thinking of going up there, get there early in the tourist season (eg. early May!). Sure, there's still a risk the waters will be too high to get through to see anything, but if you've got a well kitted out 4wd, the gamble is worth it to avoid the crowds that come later in the tourist season.

Bell Gorge
Bell Gorge, The Kimberley Western Australia

Sir John Gorge at Mornington Wilderness Sanctuary. Mornington is a fair detour off the Gibb River Road, but it was one of my favourite stops.
Fitzroy River, Sir John Gorge

Sir John Gorge again
Sir John Gorge on the Fitzroy River

The view from the helicopter on the way up to Mitchell Falls (the helicopter trip was my 30th birthday present). We had to dodge bush fires to get up to the  Mitchell Falls camp ground but it was definitely worth it.
Mitchell River National Park

Mitchell Falls from the air
Mitchell Falls

RAFF Boab Quarry - I showed you our campsite in this post but here's another perspective on our view. Unfortunately the clouds hung around for most of our stay but it was still an amazing place to camp. 
RAFF Boab Quarry, The Kimberley

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