Monday, 16 September 2013

One of the (few) downsides to being on a bike...

I came across a new problem on Sunday.  Turns out one of the downsides of being on a bike is that you just can't load up on $1 bunches of daffodils! (who would have thought!) 

We were out exploring the Victorian countryside on Sunday (and taking advantage of the nice spring weather before it turned back to being rainy and just plain miserable) when we came across a roadside stall overflowing with daffodil bunches.  It would have been great to take a bunch (or 5) home and brighten up the house.  Unfortunately, it was not going to happen on the bikes...and yep, I even thought about stuffing them in my  jacket.  

On the plus side, it means spring is here and we should be able to get out on more rides.  Anyway, here's a few shots of Sunday's adventure out through the countryside near the Wombat State Forest.

It wasn't all paddocks overflowing with flowers, we also came across this magical site buried in the forest

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