Saturday, 10 August 2013

Perfect beaches, epic mountains and delicious coffee!

Legend has it that the island and hills of Timor are actually the ridged back and body of an ancient crocodile.  It must have been a special crocodile because the mountains and beaches are absolutely spectacular.

As I mentioned in my earlier post on the Faces of Timor, if you ever get the chance to get to Timor-Leste, make sure you get out of Dili and explore the districts.  Sure the roads aren't great and it can feel pretty remote but the scenery is breathtaking.  All along the coast you can find beautiful patches of shoreline. The beach at Jaco Island at the very eastern tip was one of my favourites.  The first two photos below were taken on the island, and yep, that was the boat we got there on!

Jaco Island, East Timor
Boat at Jaco Island

The little seaside town of Com was also a pleasant surprise.  

Com beach, East Timor
Timorese Fishing boat, East Timor Com beach scene, East Timor

As soon as you start heading inland, the roads pretty much go in one direction, up!

View over Maubisse, East Timor

The first two photos below show the view from the top of Mt Ramelau, the highest peak in Timor-Leste which rises 2,963 metres above sea level.  It's a good steep hike to get up there...but not so good when you haven't eaten lunch!

Mount Ramelau, East Timor Mount Ramelau, East Timor Mount Ramelau, East Timor

The altitude and the climate make the mountains of Timor the perfect place to grow coffee. Here's a few before, during and after shots of Timorese coffee.

Coffe beans, East Timor Drying coffee, East Timor

And finally, a few black and white photos of the capital Dili as it wakes up in the morning.  

Dili, East Timor Dili coast, East Timor

As I said the other day, there's one more blog post in the making that focuses more on the motorcycle side to Timor.  It'll be up in the next day or so.

(Updated: Post on motorcycling in East Timor is available here)

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