Thursday, 17 January 2013

My motorbike - Honda GB500TT

I've decided to start afresh with my website and blog. I wanted something that could merge my interests in travel/landscape photography and motorbikes - hence Accelerated Light was born. I hope you enjoy looking around.

I couldn't think of a better way to start off this blog then to share a few photos of my motorbike, an '87 Honda GB 500 TT that I've had for about 5 months. I'm very very happy with this bike and really like it's styling and light weight.

Honda GB 500 tt

The photo above was taken looking over the town of Strahan on the Tasmanian west coast.  We spent just under three weeks travelling around Tasmania over Christmas/New Year and clocked about 2700kms. I was really impressed with how the bike handled the whole trip. The rack on the back is from Ventura and while it took me a while to decide on the sort of luggage I wanted, I'm happy with how it works and looks with the bike. My husband and I have both bought Ventura racks and bags from the guys at Kenma Australia ​and were very happy with the service provided.

Kenmare motorbike rack
You can see the rack all loaded up in the picture above and yep, that's my tripod strapped to the bike just behind the seat - never know when that might come in handy. This shot was taken on Cradle Mountain Road, despite it being summer holidays, there wasn't a car in sight for kilometres - hence why we could get away with the bike in the middle of the road. You can tell this one was taken on the first day of the trip because the bike is still so shiny - check out the sky in the reflection on the tank! I'll put up some other photos of the Tasmania trip in the next few days.

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