Saturday, 22 June 2013

Now, where was I......

 After a bit of hesitation, I decided it was finally about time I showed my head around here again.  I’m sorry for the long time in between posts but I do have a valid excuse…..honest!  Over the last few months, I have been focusing all my energy on finishing my Masters thesis and this meant that I had to put all things photography related to one side.  Now that it’s all done, I hope to be posting here a bit more regularly.

To celebrate handing in my thesis, I treated myself to a new camera!  After much research, I settled on a Nikon D600.  While I will definitely miss the old Olympus E520 and my favourite lenses (Olympus Zuiko 11-22mm and 50-200), I am also looking forward to exploring what the D600 has to offer.

I took the new camera with me on a recent weekend away to the Great Ocean Road.  This trip was about having a good time with friends and relaxing after the stress of the last few months.   I also used the time to try and make sense of all the buttons on the back of the D600 – for those of you struggling like I did to decipher the manual, the Nikon D600 Experience ebook was a great help!.

This is probably one of my favourite photos from the trip. I took it at a little town called Why River as we were driving back up to Melbourne.

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