Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Here are some of the scenic shots that I took while we were riding around Tasmania on our motorbikes (see post here). We were pretty lucky because we seemed to stay just a few days in front of the bush fires that were causing so many problems on the east 

The photo below of sunrise at Bicheno was taken with my favourite landscape lens (the  11-22mm) and my 3 stop neutral density filter.  

I think the two images below really capture a lot of what we saw across Tassie - beautiful beaches and magical bush scenes.  

I really enjoyed our visit to Bridestowe Lavender Farm.  We got there right on their opening time so I managed to avoid shots full of tourists! This last photo was taken with my 50-200mm at 200mm.  I was hand holding it and was just thankful that it was a bright and sunny morning so I could keep the shutter speed up to 1/320 sec and freeze the bee in action.

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